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December 14, 2023

Welcoming Heroes Day, The Lodge Maribaya Held a Sundanese cultural Art Performance in West Bandung Regency

Cibodas, Maribaya, West Bandung Regency — November 8, 2023


Art and culture are some of the factors that are upheld and maintained by The Lodge Group. Our Foundation, The Lodge Foundation, has been actively running one of its programs, namely art and culture by facilitating nearby residents in Cibodas for jaipongan dance courses to play Sundanese musical instruments such as angklung and gamelan. Helaran Seni & Budaya The Lodge Maribaya 2023 is a celebration of Sundanese culture and culinary tourism that is packaged in the form of entertainment, Sundanese art pairs, and cultural marches. Present several cultural arts activists such as pencak silat, and jaipongan, as well as presenting traditional culture that focuses on Sundanese clothing that has been modified with a unique design bandage. The purpose of the event Helaran The Lodge Maribaya is to preserve the art & Sundanese cuisine that has been passed down from generation to generation by the great-grandfather Sunda in addition, this event is also a container for the creativity of art activists who are marwah to-sunda-late inherent in every step and action to preserve the art of Sundanese culture. The series of this event is as follows – – November 10, 2023:” Pasanggiri Rampak Sekar ” was attended by 16 groups of PKK mothers throughout the KBB, total participants ± 347 people (singers and musical accompaniment). – November 11, 2023:” Cultural parade: Kaulinan Urang overtime ” includes Suntenjaya residents in jaipongan performances as well as the arts team from the Kamandaka studio, consisting of Kaulinan overtime 35 people, Calung, Kendang, and stilts. – November 12, 2023:” Pasanggiri Angklung ” followed by kindergarten & SD students throughout KBB followed by 10 teams of kindergarten & SD students throughout KBB, a total of 406 participants (angklung players, accompanists, and conductors). With the holding of this event, The Lodge Group actively plays a role in preserving and developing the potential of the community in its love for traditional culture, especially Sundanese culture. We are very openly ready to support the activities/programs of communities, organizations, studios, and so on to increase interest and talent in traditional Indonesian art and culture. 

Contact Person: Sannia Aprinsa +62821 2044 5500 Marketing & Communication Manager The Lodge Group

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