The Lodge Group

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The Lodge Group

The Lodge Group was established in 2015 with the goal of enhancing tourism in West Java. Founded by Heni Smith, an Indonesian citizen known for her strong character, unique perspective, and a deep understanding of business that consistently spawns new innovations. Heni Smith is committed to creating solutions and providing meaningful opportunities for both the community and the environment.

Currently, The Lodge Group comprises 4 business units, namely:

  1. The Lodge Maribaya
  2. Fairy Garden
  3. Taman Seribu Cahaya
  4. Menara Kujang Sapasang


The Lodge Group introduces continuous innovations to enhance the potential for the development of tourism and hospitality businesses in West Java. Since its establishment in 2015, The Lodge Group has collaborated with the Department of Tourism and is dedicated to continually contributing to the improvement of tourism in West Java.

Our Journey

The Establishment of The Lodge Group


The Lodge Maribaya Is a natural tourist destination located in the Lembang region


The Lodge Foundation was born as a form of social responsibility from The Lodge Group to the community


Fairy Garden An educational children's attraction with a unique concept of Fairy Palace


Mulberry Hill A resort spanning 11 hectares that offers 360-degree mountain views


Herbal House A heritage-themed restaurant offering a variety of selected herbal menus


Hutan Menyala The result of a collaboration between Taman Hutan Raya Djuanda, Sembilan Matahari, and The Lodge Group to bring the forest to life with an engaging and interactive storyline


Taman Seribu Cahaya A natural tourist destination with a view of the Jatigede Reservoir


Menara Kujang Sapasang A Religious and Cultural Tourist Attraction with modern technological innovations


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